Bank (2005)

It seemed nice idea on first time

I would like to check whether the beach is walkable

I didnít expect this

Of course I know, I knew that the water is polluted, but not that was what I wanted to focus on.
It seemed too common, too banal to show this

I wished for city walks, that had brought me to ashore. I went down another times too. Then up, back, for seeing it from above. Because it was in terrible condition.
Now I didnít go back.

I didnít want to beleive that Iíve seen. Even on my walkís last passage I hope there was bearable part of the shore. There isnít.
I walked the whole inner city part both sides.

Not only the water is polluted, the whole shore is too.

The traffic hardened to get to the shore, but itís possible. If the water is low, the whole shore is walkable, with little interrupts.

But nobody walks there.
The few that does, that spend a penny, or fishing next to the sewage canal or waits for a ship leaving. There is no walking citizen on the shore.

Darling, at present on the inner city part of the Danube in Budapest there is no even a short part that is walkable.

The work is a trial to document a more days walk. More hundred pictures of the budapest part of Danube, of the water at itís condition. The photos coagulates to a picture.