Anikó Robitz and Dezső László-Kiss: Current Pre-emption

Attila Janisch opens on September 7, 2017, start at 18:00
The exhibition can be viewed by October 5 th.

Anikó Robitz and Dezső László-Kiss's exhibition of current pre-emption.

Fine art has always been present in some of the previously created works, the re-design, re-interpretation, updating, incorporation of some kind, or the use of a thematic inspiration (summon).

Anikó Robitz and Dezső László-Kiss emphasize the post-war history of Hungarian art on the Lili Ország, Rekviem on the seven signposts to the memory of the devastated people and cities, and the creation title of 1944-45, that they re-create the tools of in their own creative approach, with their own idea. In their exhibit at the current pre-emption title, one of the approaches listed above is to choose the "summon" tool.
The two artists don’t show any sign of equality between Lili's work in 1963 and in their own, preferably demonstrate the availability of validity and quality by reflecting on the work of the age in their work on the age. Of course, it is not possible to go with the actuality, but not the purpose of the exhibition, it is a kind of free accomplishment of the loan-world that is experienced as inspiration by the Ország 7-panel.

Anikó Robitz
Anikó Robitz’s selected walls from details of the contemporary buildings, her recently projection area is accommodating and passable. She doesn’t choose the past and the savour of time in her work. She marks details when she chooses composition, after that she reduce these to the geometric configuration. Her image pictures become flatness-like and two-dimensional.

László-Kiss Dezső
Nowadays, the ugly wade into style project it become framework program. This is thematic tendency, which has been the most characteristic of 2009, is that of Laszló-Kiss Dezső’s multi-year constituent period, that see across the conceptual aspect until the individual construction to the matter fabrication. His workmanship, which he constituted into Rekviem to Lili Ország , this is individual viewpoint ensue for the receptive public.