Artist: Tamás SOÓS
title: Mythology 2.0 / while watching the ideas / POLAROID
opening: 20th April 2017, Thursday 18:00
exhibition: 21 April – 18 May 2017
opening speech: Mónica ZSIKLA

Nine sentences about the polaroid

The Polaroid is a particularly noble, magic photo technological procedure.

It results in one unique image, and it rules out the possibility of modification, the subsequent intervention.

The spectacle is created by the light and the blend of still unknown chemicals.

 The combination of chemicals produces unexpected saturation of colour, stains, defective developing. The random and varied appearance of these effects modify the composition, making the spectacle rich and original.

The image hides behind an indefinable gentle veil.

It shows the imagined objectivity of the reality in poetic dissolution.

There is a melancholy fog on the view.

The polaroid is almost painting, and almost photography.

Its originality derives from its special position between the two art genres mentioned above, and this is the space of art and melancholy.

Tamás SOÓS