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artists: Emese KAZÁR, Doris WEINBERGER
exhibition title:  Minds étrangers / Idegen elmék
opening: 17 November 2016  Thursday 18:00
exhibition: 18 November – 15 December 2016



The topic of the exhibition is the image of the person constructed by him/her and about himself/ herself. The instalation which was worked out especially for the space of Liget Gallery combines three types of visual media (painting, collage, video). On 23rd November 2016 there will be a chamber exhibition of the two artist connected to the main exhibition in a flat in the city centre at the residency. We will add the exact address to the friends of the Liget Gallery at the opening of the main exhibition.
The exhibition shown in the Liget Gallery is the first step of the projekt entitled  Heimat und Welt / Otthon és Világ (Homeland and World).

Supporters of the projekt:

Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung
Künstlerinnenverband Bremen, Gedok