artist: László László RÉVÉSZ
    exhibition title: Gulli Vera
    opening performance by
László László RÉVÉSZ and Noémi DARÓCZI    
    opening: 21 April 2016,  18:00
    exhibition: 22 April – 19 May 2016


    Gulli Vera is the title of the exhibition. All three images are made up of 38 x 55 cm pieces, so the size of one drawing is 114 x 165 cm.

    These are pseudo-illustrations, presentation of a false fiction story, where the travelling happens with the collaboration of an ordinary microwave oven. It's a well known fact that the microwave ovens change the state, vibration and other attributes of the material. Gulli Vera experiences the travelling in the ordinary days. We can hardly decide, is she the victim of the microwaves for real or just her imagination plays with her.

László László Révész

    Who is Gulli Vera, the protagonist of RLL's new series?
    A diva tired of life, an explorer, a prostitute who hates man or just a lonely daydreamer? The drawings reveal to us the possible answers detail by detail, so after the first flash of excitment we can recognise the cynicism of the taedium vitae of our lack of existence, our nearly unbreakable limen stiffened by our everyday lives and start wishing we were somewhere far away just as Gulli Vera almost managed to get away through her interdimensional hyperjumps.
    The most likely answer however is that she wanted to decipher her horoscope from the foaming fat-bubbles of the microvawe-heated salted butter (method learned on moderngirlsonly.netcom). But, alas, the palpitations of existentialism melted her into the answer, thus tumbling about between yeses and non-worlds, the excitements of "whereamI"s and the wellknown monotony of asking who am I, and so she is bored of empty imagination as much as of the stricklty monochrome lifeless reality.
    The lonely hero of RLL is still waiting on the sides, but she is reall truly madly deeply fed up with this explorer-game with no authentic answers. Anyways, she just hates packing.

Bianka Hegedűs
translaton: Andrea Balog