Lilith Öröksége (Inheritance of Lilith): Tiszta kezekben (In Clean Hands)
opening: 17 March 2016, 19:30
opening speech: Gerda SZÉPLAKY – aesthete

The 'Lilith Öröksége' (Inheritance of Lilith) is an artist group containing painters. Current members are: Andrea FAJGERNÉ DUDÁS, Bea KUSOVSZKY, Orsolya OLÁH.
The group always choose an exhibition space to fit the given plan. Its thinking is space-specific. Our main guiding principle is the heritage and tradition of women artists.

Our main genre is painting but we have the need to use other media as well, so we do performances, happenings, installations.

Lilith hagyatéka, (Inheritance of Lilith) – at Ari Kupsus Galéria/Ari Kupsus Gallery/2012,
Nekünk fontosak vagytok-Liget30 (You are important for us), at Olof Palme ház/Olof Palme House /2013,
Panska Skorka, at Platán Galéria/Platán Gallery /2014,
Színezd ki a valóságot (Colour the reality), at Art project Rum hotel/2015.

In 2015 there was the 150th anniversary of the death of Ignác SEMMELWEIS. We would like to tribute to the important discovery of him. He called the doctors attention to the fact that how important is the disinfection of hands before medical treatment and whith this he saved the life of many bearing women. He reduced the mortality of mothers which was a milestone in medical science and in maintaining the society.

We prepare to make a performance on the opening. This way we commemorate those women, who had to die because they choose the help of medical science to bear a child, which science was not prepared to the task that time and was unable to provide the proper sterility and cleanness.